Caring For The Wood Exteriors Of Your House

If you have wood siding or extensive wood surfaces on the outside of your house, you know that they tend to get spotted or dirty. Wood is very nice and warm but it is susceptible to dirt and wear and needs proper maintenance especially when used outdoors. If you think that you need to clean the wood exterior of your home or that the wood siding and panels are stained here are some cleaning methods you can use:

Water and Bleach: sometimes implementing traditional and known methods is the best way to deal with stains and dirt. Wood logs and decks and the vast majority of finishes can be cleaned with a mixture of bleach and water. You can either spray it using a regular sprayer or pour some of the mixture especially where tough spots exist. Work on the stubborn stains with a brush. Some people try to create a mixture of several chemicals using bleach and chlorine, but this is to be avoided by all means. Wood is a sensitive material and does not need homemade solutions with uncertain results. Do not mix bleach with wood bleach ever, because it will destroy the wood panels and will give you a hard time plus the fumes from this type of mixture can be even lethal.

Wood Bleach and Water: Wood bleach also known as oxalic acid is a great wood cleaner when combined with water. Normal stains, especially ones coming from nails and metallic components can be easily removed with this mixture. People who want to brighten up the wood panels use sprayers as well. The mixture works as a sort of poison. It helps the wood stay clean and bright and it protects it from living organisms, such as termites and anything else that might destroy wood. As a poison, though, it could be dangerous for people. Therefore you need to protect yourself when using it.

Sodium Percarbonate: This is one of the most common and known solutions for wood exterior cleaning. You can use it to clean stained wood logs, remove grime from wooden panels and siding or to periodically clean the wooden components of the exterior. Sodium Percarbonate can be sprayed on logs and panels using a regular hand or garden sprayer.

Phosphoric acid: One of the most reliable and strong solutions for cleaning log and wood surfaces, phosphoric acid can be used both as a cleaner for maintenance reasons or to prepare the wood surface for new coat or finish. The exteriors of logs are an ideal place for pollen and dirt accumulation. The main advantage of phosphoric acid is that it does not upset the pH balance of wood, preventing damage or permanent stains.

Wood exterior cleaning is absolutely necessary if you want to ensure the longevity and durability of your logs and wooden surfaces.

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