Exterior repainting and repair dos and don’ts

If your exterior paint is falling off, it needs a repaint: Simple. You should use the skills of a professional for this. There is the defined risk of lead poisoning and other harmful chemical getting in contact with your skin. That may even amount to a feral disease.

You should not go over budget on repainting. Get the sanding and washing done cheaply or better do it yourself. Buy primer and distemper cans in adequate but not additional quantity. Paint is not a thing to buy in bulk and further use.

Never use diametrically opposite paint. Oil and latex is a beautiful example of this. They will not stick on each other and result in fast flaking. If your wall is plastered or dry walled, get the sheets or the entire covering out part by part. It is not intelligible to color drywalls.

If there is damage due to weather and aging, remove the basic reason. Don’t let leakage seep in. Keep your exteriors disinfected. If your house is by a swamp, it becomes urgent to safeguard the exteriors against bugs. Slight tanning will do it fine. Use a sharp knife to remove the molds or segments that are falling off.

Don’t do the repair work open handed. Use gloves and masks as protection. If there is too much pollution, wash the exterior regularly with pressure hoses and then laminate it.

It is better to start from the top. If the color drips down, you may correct it downwards. Give it time. There is no point rushing with repainting. You may also use foam for water absorption. Never let the walls damp. They will peel off the paint in that case.

Never use the paint directly. Make a good mixture and then check on an unused surface how the paint is coming off. This will make the work more professional. Check the relevant sites on the net for good guidance.

Insulate the water pipes. If there are a lot of them, bundle them in a group. Try fashioning them near the bathroom or kitchen, and certainly not the living room or bedroom.

Get the paint completely scraped off before repainting. This may take some time but do it meticulously. They may not react well with the new paint and make matters worse for your exteriors.

Remove all external features neatly. Wooden shutters, cornices, palisade and tarpaulin should not stay while you are repainting or repairing close enough spaces.

Keep welcome mats on the doors. This is a progressive step to keep the moisture out. Also place your door at a slight height and not concomitant with ground level. This will save your home during water logging. And keep your kids off the area of work. They are very vulnerable to infections.

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