Tips and tricks on installing exterior wood shutters

Many families implement wood shutters to prevent harsh sunlight and rain from coming in and also allow privacy. Shutters make your home look good from outside. Installing wood shutters is a complicated process and you should try hiring a professional for the same.

You should first coat the window edges with basic primer. It acts as solid support base for shutters. Keep them varnished and stained to be absolutely restrictive to sunlight. Cedar, oak, fir, pine, sandalwood, and many other wood materials work out fine as shutters.

You need to measure your windows from all sides. Leave half an inch for ventilation purpose on four sides. If there are multiple windows, use softwood. If this is not the case, you can pick any wood.

Place the shutter neatly on the window and check where the holes need to be made. Then drill those holes and fine-tune them. Place wood strips into these holes and then put in nails. Then clamp your shutter on these nails.

You will need hinges in the middle for a smooth shutter. Place these hinges well and post measurement. Then hand them support through saw horses. Make sure that the shutters open up easily. Lubricate them with mustard or olive oil. You may also need them to be open sideways. If there is torque or resistance while doing this, it means that the work has not been well done.

Use wood oils on the edges for smoothness and let the shutter slip through. This will make the shutter cooperative within days. Do not use much wood oil in the kitchen as that may cause fire.

Wood shutters are enough for window decoration and you will not need frosted or colored glass panes. You can even bid goodbye to curtains on the window with wooden shutters.

Bolts and sliders are other appliances that you may add on your window shutter for better use. They will specially hold well in case of severe thunderstorm, a common occurrence in many places. Wooden shutters will not work well if the windows are too large. In this case, proper grills are the best option. You can even use Roman blinds to serve the windows.

You can have these window shutters in any style or color you like. Try to get them in texture with the exterior coloring. Add a bit of tan to get rid of dampness and pests.

Be perfect with measurement or else the entire operation will look awkward and cumbersome. It is better to take both inner and outer measurements and then leave spaces accordingly. Remember that it is a clamp-on and so it should be easily removable. Wooden shutters are a smart way to let your house breathe in freshness.

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