How to prepare yourself for exterior house painting?

You may live in Mediterranean or tropical climate. You may also live in maritime, Siberian or Sahara climate. In all these climates, you tend to face hardships in certain months. Obviously, your home too is a victim of such problems – Weather.

There is rain, hail, sleet and many other natural elements that are natural to specific zones. You need to acclimatize yourself to that and keep your home exterior strong enough to repel the forces.

The most affected portion is generally the edges. They flake off quite fast. Then there is the additional problem of pipes bursting and drains leaking making the exterior portion of your home quite susceptible.

If your exterior is done in wood, you should plug the edges with strips of metal and then airbrush it for termites. It is also logical to throw gushes of air at the exterior walls to bloat out all pests. Then stain it with percolating wood stains or simply roll paint over it.

There are homes which go for steel sidings too. This is primarily don to evade fire. Steel has the capacity to look shinier even without painting. But with inclement weather, there may be rusting and so it should be brushed with paint. Brushing is a better option than rolling on hard surfaces.

And if your home is been done on the outer region in concrete, concrete stains are what you should be looking for. Just sand the exteriors. Get the connections with window and doors polished and corniced. Then go for a smart distemper. This will work better than acrylic painting.

Your house location is also an important aspect. If you live in busy area, your house is more prone to pollution damages than natural errors. For that, plastic sheets on the outer walls and edges will work out fine, even if it sort of dilutes the appearance. If it is in the open, then you got to save it from elemental fury. You can go for caulking for better effect. But painting is more popular due to its natural flair for lighting up your home outlook.

If you are making your home, it is better to go for wood sidings. Soft woods like redwood and pine work as great siding materials and also have very apt stains. Concrete comes in next. Obviously, the strengthening ability of concrete gives it more popularity than wood, which is restricted to Japan and other islands for earthquake reasons.

While doing the exterior painting, do not forget to arrange a handy knife and ladder. Also keep plenty of water and ready made stain removing mixtures ready. Wear gloves and masks to avoid lead poisoning. It is better though to hire professional help for external painting.

How To Choose The Right Exterior Paint Color

Choosing the right exterior paint colors could be a rather daunting task. Some people tend to hire professionals not only to paint the exterior part of the house, but also to choose the proper colors, because a wrong choice could prove to be a rather huge expense. Choosing the right color is so frustrating and complicated that there are classes and seminars that offer people the chance to get a feel of how their house would look in different shades, patterns and colors.

What should you consider when picking exterior paint colors?

First of all you need to check the colors of the surrounding area. Even if you want to stand out, choosing a color that doesn’t match the neighboring houses is not a good idea. You don’t need to choose a color that matches the surrounding completely, but it is recommended to avoid options that clash. You should also consider the natural surroundings. If you are close to a forest you should choose something that goes well with dark green. If you are close to the sea, you should avoid dark colors and shades, because they would make your house look really weird.

Consider the climate. You must choose the colors that make your house look better for the greater part of the year. If you are in a snowy area, you need to avoid white and opt for a color that would perk your exterior up.

Exterior paint colors are great ways to express your personal taste and style, however, it is recommended to choose something that is relatively conventional. Do not choose something too extravagant or kitschy, because painting over it can be too expensive. Choose the color you can live with for long and choose something you love. Following trends may not be a great idea when it comes to the exterior part of your house. What looks great on one house may not on another.

Consider the prospect and the size. If you are fond of a particular color you should always try to imagine how it would be covering a large area. Sometimes even our favorite colors and shades look pretty overwhelming when in large areas. Some colors are maybe warm when applied on one or two small walls, but could be really attacking when they are en mass.

Going conventional doesn’t mean going dull. If you do not want to make your house look like everyone else’s around you can try to break the color up. Combine two or three different colors that match, spice up a dull color with few nicely appointed additions and try to create a unique ensemble choosing a different color for the shutters or the entrance door.

Sometimes colors give us more options than we can think we have, provided that we are creative and open minded enough.

Great advantages of exterior wood shutters

During thunderstorms, you find certain trees holding good. Pine and fir are superb examples of resilience during extreme harsh weather. It is not hard to infer that they work out quite well as protection units for homes.

Wood shutters are often used on windows and doors in romantic homes. They make the exterior look different and shiny. They are very durable and long lasting. They also keep your home cooler during summer and hotter during winter. Wood, by nature, is not a good conductor of heat and lightning. Thus it helps in the above desired effect.

Wood paneling on doors and windows is the other method for making the exterior look pluck. Window shutters can be beautified with cornices and fine handiwork. Go for asymmetric woodcarving and strength. PVC shutters work in this respect but there is practically nothing like great designs on soft wood. You may even try hardwood like oak and cherry for the purpose.

They may be set up at an angle or customized to bear the weather onslaught. Wood is natural and naturally takes over the storm. Be it rain or wind, gust or snowfall, wood is the least affected.

Wood shutters make your doors look brighter. But it is better in the case to have metal doors. If you are going for an out and out wood decoration, invest largely in your gates. It may set you back by thousands of dollars but you remain sure of no further damages to your house. It also keeps the external dampness restricted to the gateway and so the interiors remain splashy.

Old palaces and mansions used ethnic and large doors and elegant wood shutters. This may be because of lesser option in olden days. However it may also be because of the durability factor. They would withstand intrusions with ease.

Cedar shutters are prime example of sprucing your exteriors. Any one driving by your home would be enchanted with elaborate woodwork and your resale value gets a notch higher. They also allow a sprinkle of sunlight through the slits and are very handy with glass panes.

For cooling, you may water the wooden shutters and as and when the water evaporates, you get cool air circulated in your home. You may also have mats outside to ensure that the external dampness is not welcomed inside.

Sandalwood is also a great idea for shutters though it is highly expensive. Sandalwood catches fire very easily but has other great aspects like fragrance, weather match and freedom from stale and pestilent air. Red oak is quite a visionary concept for wooden shutters. Even if you find it out of budget to decorate your door, at least shutter the windows. Lattices and framework are other methods.

Giving Your Home Exterior A Facelift

The exterior part of the house is as important as the interior. It is the part seen when somebody visits your house, when people pass or drive by. It is the image of your house, and it should reflect your style, your aesthetics and your personal taste. The exterior of a house should be loved and taken care of, as much as the interior. Applying a few changes or opting for a major re-do can help you change the exterior part of the house radically.

Elements and factors to take under consideration:

Prior to any renovation you need to evaluate the features of the exterior space and parts. Have a look at what things you like and what you do not, evaluate their functionality and their efficiency, or check if any of these parts needs to be changed or fixed.

Doors: Starting from the entrance door, you can select a new, impressive or simply functional and stylish door. There are many options today, ranging from wood and steel to fiber glass. A solid and sturdy entrance door can set the tone for the exterior part of the house, prevent heat loss and keep you and your family safe.

Windows: Windows are not only a means of communication with the outside world, they are also a very important part of the exterior decoration. You can replace your windows if they are not, or do not look new. Such a decision can increase the energy efficiency of a house and add to its overall value.

Roof: Although changing and replacing a roof could be expensive, if you are up to a total make over, you can replace the roof if it is damaged or cracked. Other than creating a new look, based on the decision you make, you can reduce your heating or cooling bills as well.

Siding: Siding is an important part of the house exterior and one of the main things that owners change when it comes to an exterior facelift. There are numerous low maintenance and high standard products available today, such as vinyl siding or stucco. You can choose colors and nuances that match the entire scheme, giving a new look to your house, ranging from the most modern to simple colonial.

Painting: Choosing the right color for the exterior of your house is fundamental to an effective and drastic face lift. It is also the quickest way to make a huge impact on the look of the house. A good paint job can perk up the dull walls, add some style and revive a siding that suffers from weather and climate.

Exterior lighting: Exterior lighting is an excellent way to provide a nice ambience to your yard, porch or garden. It can be a very attractive addition to your house, while enhancing security and safety.

More than anything else creating a welcoming look should be your first priority when deciding on an exterior facelift for your home.