Great advantages of exterior wood shutters

During thunderstorms, you find certain trees holding good. Pine and fir are superb examples of resilience during extreme harsh weather. It is not hard to infer that they work out quite well as protection units for homes.

Wood shutters are often used on windows and doors in romantic homes. They make the exterior look different and shiny. They are very durable and long lasting. They also keep your home cooler during summer and hotter during winter. Wood, by nature, is not a good conductor of heat and lightning. Thus it helps in the above desired effect.

Wood paneling on doors and windows is the other method for making the exterior look pluck. Window shutters can be beautified with cornices and fine handiwork. Go for asymmetric woodcarving and strength. PVC shutters work in this respect but there is practically nothing like great designs on soft wood. You may even try hardwood like oak and cherry for the purpose.

They may be set up at an angle or customized to bear the weather onslaught. Wood is natural and naturally takes over the storm. Be it rain or wind, gust or snowfall, wood is the least affected.

Wood shutters make your doors look brighter. But it is better in the case to have metal doors. If you are going for an out and out wood decoration, invest largely in your gates. It may set you back by thousands of dollars but you remain sure of no further damages to your house. It also keeps the external dampness restricted to the gateway and so the interiors remain splashy.

Old palaces and mansions used ethnic and large doors and elegant wood shutters. This may be because of lesser option in olden days. However it may also be because of the durability factor. They would withstand intrusions with ease.

Cedar shutters are prime example of sprucing your exteriors. Any one driving by your home would be enchanted with elaborate woodwork and your resale value gets a notch higher. They also allow a sprinkle of sunlight through the slits and are very handy with glass panes.

For cooling, you may water the wooden shutters and as and when the water evaporates, you get cool air circulated in your home. You may also have mats outside to ensure that the external dampness is not welcomed inside.

Sandalwood is also a great idea for shutters though it is highly expensive. Sandalwood catches fire very easily but has other great aspects like fragrance, weather match and freedom from stale and pestilent air. Red oak is quite a visionary concept for wooden shutters. Even if you find it out of budget to decorate your door, at least shutter the windows. Lattices and framework are other methods.

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