How to prepare yourself for exterior house painting?

You may live in Mediterranean or tropical climate. You may also live in maritime, Siberian or Sahara climate. In all these climates, you tend to face hardships in certain months. Obviously, your home too is a victim of such problems – Weather.

There is rain, hail, sleet and many other natural elements that are natural to specific zones. You need to acclimatize yourself to that and keep your home exterior strong enough to repel the forces.

The most affected portion is generally the edges. They flake off quite fast. Then there is the additional problem of pipes bursting and drains leaking making the exterior portion of your home quite susceptible.

If your exterior is done in wood, you should plug the edges with strips of metal and then airbrush it for termites. It is also logical to throw gushes of air at the exterior walls to bloat out all pests. Then stain it with percolating wood stains or simply roll paint over it.

There are homes which go for steel sidings too. This is primarily don to evade fire. Steel has the capacity to look shinier even without painting. But with inclement weather, there may be rusting and so it should be brushed with paint. Brushing is a better option than rolling on hard surfaces.

And if your home is been done on the outer region in concrete, concrete stains are what you should be looking for. Just sand the exteriors. Get the connections with window and doors polished and corniced. Then go for a smart distemper. This will work better than acrylic painting.

Your house location is also an important aspect. If you live in busy area, your house is more prone to pollution damages than natural errors. For that, plastic sheets on the outer walls and edges will work out fine, even if it sort of dilutes the appearance. If it is in the open, then you got to save it from elemental fury. You can go for caulking for better effect. But painting is more popular due to its natural flair for lighting up your home outlook.

If you are making your home, it is better to go for wood sidings. Soft woods like redwood and pine work as great siding materials and also have very apt stains. Concrete comes in next. Obviously, the strengthening ability of concrete gives it more popularity than wood, which is restricted to Japan and other islands for earthquake reasons.

While doing the exterior painting, do not forget to arrange a handy knife and ladder. Also keep plenty of water and ready made stain removing mixtures ready. Wear gloves and masks to avoid lead poisoning. It is better though to hire professional help for external painting.

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